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We offer the most reliable selection of commercial and residential safes and vaults, offering the customized security solutions to suit your unique needs. Don’t give a burglar an easy time with cheap safes; we are an authorized Fort Knox dealer and will provide the dependable, resilient options you need to safeguard your belongings. To explore our customizable options for residential or commercial safes and vaults, please contact Tactical Disablement, today.

STEP 1 (Size Considerations)

Size. Determine how much room you need for protecting your items against fire and theft. Fort Knox safe models use the external dimensions with their models. Example: Protector 7241 is 72” high and 41” wide externally. Full Size Safes (6031 and up) are around 30” deep externally when including the dial and wheel. Closet Safes (6024, 6026) and Home Safes (4024 and 4026) have a 21” or 23” depth and are well suited for frequent moves, closets and smaller spaces.

Interior. Determine what you plan to guard and what kind of shelf system would be best suited for your application. The half-gun is the most versatile and if you do not have a long-gun requirement, the universal shelves work well. Fort Knox has 8 interior options and are also willing to build a custom interior.

Weight. Do you have a weight limitation on your floors? Do you plan to move frequently? Also, a lighter safe is easier to steal than a safe weighing over 1000 lbs. unless it is bolted down.

Hinge selection. Do you want your hinges on the right or left? Do you want internal, external or the the new 2S Crane hinge?

Placement and delivery considerations. Do you have limitations due to door sizes or narrow hall ways. Does the safe have to be moved up or down steps?

Vault Size

Interior Layout Options

Interior Layout Options
Interior Layout Options 2

STEP 2 (Security & Fire Considerations)

Security. Determine what you are protecting and who or what you are protecting it from.

Steel. The amount and type of steel determines how much security you have. Fort Knox safes builds bodies up to 1/4” thick and can also have up to 4 steel liners inside the safe. The liners can be made of steel, AR500 armor or stainless steel. Fort Knox safes can also come equipped with Corner Bolts on the door which makes a pry attack nearly impossible. All safes from the Defender on up are upgradable through options. Steel upgrade options include: Body Upgrade (10ga to 3/16” and 3/16” to 1/4”); Deluxe Package (adds the next level of steel to the body and door plate); Inner Steel Liner (adds a 10ga steel liner to the safe body. Up to 4 liners can be added); ARMAKNOX (adds a 3/16” AR500 armor plate to the body and door); Stainless Steel (add a stainless steel door or a stainless steel liner and door).

Locks. Group 1 High Security Manipulation Proof (MP) locks are optional as a dial or as a dial and electronic redundant lock option.

Fire. Fire upgrades are available up to a 2-hour fire protection.


STEP 3 (Select Popular Options)

Redundant Locks. One of the most popular options. Upgrade to a high security Group 1 mechanical dial and electronic key pad. You get the best of both worlds, the reliability of the mechanical lock and the quick-access of the electronic lock.

Lights. Available as a single light or a light set.

Door Organizer. Helps optimize your storage options.

Dehumidifier. Choose an electronic or a Eva-Dry dehumidifier.

Final Pull Handle. Helps opening safes with heavier doors.

Paint. 3 standard texture color options are available or you can upgrade to a gloss finish in over a dozen colors, or the new distressed black matte finish. Custom colors are available.

Other options are available.

Paint Options


Redundant Lock


STEP 4 (Consultation and Order)

Call or email to set up a consultation at our showroom in Virginia Beach, VA.

Tactical Disablement will attend most Norfolk and Virginia Beach gun shows. Stop by and see us.

Purchase an in-stock safe or order your custom safe.

Custom safes require a 50% deposit and usually take 6-9 weeks to ship to Tactical Disablement, LLC. You will be contacted to line-up delivery when your safe ships. Full payment required after inspection, at time of delivery and before final placement or bolt down.

We accept cash, credit cards and checks. Warranty is from Fort Knox, Inc.

We offer delivery services or you can pick up your own.






(11ga body)

M2 Limited Availability
(3/16” body and 3/8” plate door)

(10 ga body)

(3/16” body)

(1/4” body)

(3/16″ body and 10ga liner, corner bolts)

(3/16” body and 3/16” Armor, Corner Bolts)

(1/4” body, armor and stainless steel, Corner Bolts and 55 rack and pinion machined bank-style gears)

(TL 30×6 rated safe, extremely heavy)

Vault Doors
(in-swing and out-swing models)

(Models Defender and up are fully upgradable)

Side by Side Comparison

Side by Side Comparison

Why buy a Fort Knox?

  • American Made!
  • Legit Security & Fire.
  • Completely customizable to customers budget and security requirements.
  • Right and Left-hand hinge options.
  • Best Warranty in the industry!
  • Redundant Lock Option.
  • Remote re-lockers in addition to lock re-lockers and anti-drill plate.
  • Not mass-produced on assembly line.
  • Model is not overtly displayed on the outside of the safe!
  • Fort Knox does NOT deceive customers on the warranty, how much steel is in the safe or how it is constructed.

How a Fort Knox is Built

FN Safe Tour_017

Door construction. 10 ga uni-body and door plate(s) that can be up to 1/2”! Stainless steel and armor are optional upgrades.


Full length and 100% full penetration welds on body! Strength welds added too. Stud welds secure the type-c UL rated gypsum fire boards.


Legit bolt work, re-lockers and reliable rack and pinion gears!

FN Safe Tour_010

Built by skilled craftsman, one-at-a-time. Always American made for over 30 years!


Uni-body construction. Up to 1/4” steel body thickness, plus you can add armor, stainless steel or up to four 10 ga steel liners!


Cut-away of safe body and door. Up to 1/4” body! Optional steel liners (up to four 10 ga steel or a mix of armor and stainless steel combinations are available. Optional steel liners are placed in between the fire boards and the interior.

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